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Trump Pal Alan Dershowitz is Upset About Being Cancelled in Martha’s Vineyard

Trump Pal Alan Dershowitz is Upset About Being Cancelled in Martha’s Vineyard

Alan Dershowitz has long been one of the best-known lawyers in the country. He has handled such high-profile clients as Mike Tyson, Claus von Bulow, and OJ Simpson. The lawyer also developed a reputation as a Liberal.

ALan Dershowitz accusations to be unsealed
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But some decisions by Dershowitz over the last decade or so have done harm to his reputation. The first was his representation. And the second was the choice to fiercely defended Donald Trump. As a result of the second decision, Dershowitz says, he has been canceled in the town of Martha’s Vineyard.

The lawyer told Newsmax, “I have essentially been excluded from the Democratic Party. There was recently an event on Martha’s Vineyard for Jewish Democrats – who would be the first person you would think of as a Jewish Democrat on Martha’s Vineyard – me, but I wasn’t invited because I’m now canceled essentially from the Democratic Party.”

Dershowitz continued:

“The library won’t allow me to speak on Martha’s Vineyard, the Community Center, the major synagogue, all of them have canceled me because I had the chutzpah to defend the constitution on behalf of a president of the United States that they all voted against – the fact that I voted against him, too, and then I remain — in my mind a Liberal Democrat doesn’t much matter. If I don’t follow the party line down to the extreme, I am canceled. People refuse to attend events if they know I’m gonna be there and that’s why several friends of mine have who have invited me for years to events in their home or concerts that they’ve sponsored have apologetically said, ‘We’re sorry we can’t invite you because if you come everybody will leave.'”

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