Trump Organization Wants UK to Bail Out Scotland Golf Course

Nearly every different type of industry around the globe has been devastated by the Novel Coronavirus. But the hospitality industry, which requires travel, has been hit especially hard.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Much of the Trump Organization’s wealth has been built up through hospitality. One of the company’s holdings is a Trump Resort and Golf Club based in Aberdeen, Scotland. The President is quite proud of the property, calling it the best in the world. The Trump Organization is now asking the United Kingdom the bail the club out.

The UK offers a very favorable program for business owners where up to 85% of work salaries could be repaid.

Sarah Malone, the executive Vice President for the resort explained why the Trump Organization is attempting to take advantage of the program, “Like millions of businesses around the globe, we have been forced by government mandate to temporarily close our hospitality and leisure facilities.”

The statement continued, “We are no different to any other business, including many media companies — this has nothing to do with Trump and does not benefit the business — the actions we have taken are solely to protect people and their families who would otherwise be out of work and struggling to survive financially.”

Local lawmakers however, are a bit puzzled by the request. Martin Ford, an Aberdeen councilor remarked, “The huge tab for this will be borne throughout the whole population through higher taxes. If what he says about his personal wealth is true, Trump doesn’t need the money, and I don’t see why UK taxpayers of the future should be helping him out.”

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