Trump Organization Sues Estate Of Man Killed In Trump Tower Fire

Todd Brassner was a Trump Tower resident for more than two decades and clashed with Donald Trump on numerous occasions. Most recently, Brassner was unhappy with changes to his home that occurred as a result of Trump’s election victory. His friends say he wanted to sell the apartment he’d purchased in the building, and complained that the property value had fallen since Trump was chosen as President of the United States. In April, Brassner died in a fire in that same apartment, where a loophole in building codes allowed Trump to forego the installation of sprinklers for just such an emergency. Now the Trump Organization is suing Brassner’s estate.

Haaretz profiled the victim shortly after his death, speaking to Brassner’s friends and sharing some background on his previous clashes with Trump. These included Trump calling Brassner a “crazy Jew,” and Brassner characterizing the maintenance issues in the apartment (such as an overflowing sink shortly after he moved in) as creating, in his words, a “living hell.”

Donald Trump Organization sues fire victim
Photo Credit: Paulo JC Nogueira via Wikimedia Commons

Only a month before he died, Brassner reportedly lamented to a friend that he was having difficulty selling the apartment, which the Washington Post reports was said to be due in part to a decline in interest because of various changes, such as armed security, around the building. Stephen Dwire, Brassner’s friend, said, “…when people heard it was a Trump building, he couldn’t give it away.”

Though Brassner had reportedly been having financial problems before his death, the New York Post reported that his personal belongings were quite valuable, leaving a substantial estate.

Now, according to the NY Post, the Trump Organization will attempt to collect on a portion of that estate, suing Brassner for $90k, saying that the money represents unpaid fees dating from 2015.

The Trump Organization and Todd Brassner’s heirs are reportedly also engaged in litigation over ownership of the apartment he left behind.

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