Trump Organization CFO Granted Immunity In Michael Cohen Investigation

The longtime CFO of the Trump Organization has been granted immunity in the Michael Cohen Investigation. Allen Weisselberg, who has been the Chief Financial Officer for the organization for many years was subpoenaed by prosecutors in the Cohen probe earlier this year.

The news of the CFOs immunity was reported by The Wall Street Journal on Friday. Weisselberg received immunity in exchange for information regarding the hush money payments made to two women during the Presidential election in 2016. The money was paid to cover up alleged affairs then-candidate Trump had with the women.

The news of the Trump CFO’s cooperation comes on the heels of the news that David Pecker is also cooperating with prosecutors in the Cohen probe in exchange for immunity. David Pecker is the CEO of the publishing juggernaut American Media and has been an ally of President Trump since the 2016 Presidential campaign.

The cooperation of both men follows the guilty plea by former Trump personal lawyer Micheal Cohen. Cohen admitted in court on tuesday to violating two counts of campaign finance law. The two counts were in regards to the hush money paid to the two women which Trump allegedly had affairs.

President Trump has denied any wrongdoing in the case. the president has even gone as far as to say the crimes are not even crimes. With the cooperation three of Trump’s former allies prosecutors are amassing a lot of arms against the Commander-in-Chief. Despite Trump’s constant denials the evidence seems to be piling up against him.

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