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Trump: Only a Bad Call From a Doctor Could Keep Me From Running in 2024

Trump: Only a Bad Call From a Doctor Could Keep Me From Running in 2024

When Donald Trump first took office in 2017, Republicans controlled the house, senate and the White House. When Trump was voted out in 2020, the GOP had lost all of that control.

US President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Tucson International Airport in Tucson, Arizona on October 19, 2020. – US President Donald Trump went after top government scientist Anthony Fauci in a call with campaign staffers on October 19, 2020, suggesting the hugely respected and popular doctor was an “idiot.” (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

The former president may be popular with his supporters, but he’s wildly unpopular with everyone who doesn’t support him. Still, the GOP has decided to give Trump all the power over the party that he wants.

With his businesses in shambles, Trump is desperate to retain political power. And during a recent interview, he claimed that bad health would be the only thing that would keep him from running in 2024.

Host David Brody asked what could keep Trump from running again. “Well, I guess a bad call from a doctor or something, right,” he answered. “You get that call. Come on down and see because we’ve got a bad report. … Things happen, through God, they happen.”

The former president continued, “I feel so good and I hate what’s happening to our country. Our country has never been in a position like this. We were so good ten months ago and we’re so bad now.”

Of course, 10 months ago, the country was gripped in a seemingly unending pandemic. And that pandemic continues to rage in red states thanks in large part to Trump supporters.

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