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Trump Once Enacted Revenge On Family by Cutting Off Nephew’s Medical Care

Trump Once Enacted Revenge On Family by Cutting Off Nephew’s Medical Care

On Monday, Donald Trump’s niece Mary revealed that she is in the process of writing a tell-all book. She has been tight lipped about exactly what the subject matter will be. The focus, however, will likely be on her legal battle with the President over her family’s share of her Grandfather’s portion.

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One story, that will likely be featured in the novel, is Donald Trump’s cruelty against his family. In the late 1990’s, Trump’s nephew had a son who was born with cerebral palsy. According to a 2016 New York Times article, the President cut off the child’s medical care.

The decision to stop paying the medical bills was in response to a suit filed by Fred Trump Jr.’s family. Donald Trump didn’t deny the accusation. In 2000, he told the New York Daily News, “When [Fred III] sued us, we said, ‘Why should we give him medical coverage?”

The President later said of the child, “One child was having a difficult time. It was an unfortunate thing. It worked out well, and we all get along.”

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The situation certainly made an impact on nephew Fred Trump III. He responded to his Uncle’s actions at the time:

“You have to be tough in this family. I guess I have what my father didn’t have. I will stick to my guns. I just think it was wrong. These are not warm and fuzzy people. They never even came to see William in the hospital. Our family puts the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional.”


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