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Trump Now Wants To Use Economic Uncertainty To Ban Green Cards

Trump Now Wants To Use Economic Uncertainty To Ban Green Cards

The Trump Administration is determined to use all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic to wage a war on immigrants. Now that the nation is suffering economically due to all the shutdowns, the president’s next move is banning green cards.

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This is quite possibly a reelection strategy, as the right-wing base that got Trump elected in the first place loves his tough stance on any and all immigration topics. However, he is getting, as was to be expected, harsh criticism from Democrats. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) says of the move:

“He’s using it as both a distraction and an opportunity to further his hardline immigration policies.”

“Immigrants have been his No. 1 political punching bag, and that’s where he feels he scores points with his base. And he completely botched the coronavirus response — the delays of the administration were deadly for Americans and it put more people unnecessarily at risk.”

Anti-immigration rhetoric has been the one rallying cry that helps Trump to demonize the “other,” and to convince his base that the people who don’t look like them or talk like them or pray like them are not only the source of all their problems, but they don’t belong here at all.

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Immigrants demonstrably contribute to the American economy, but those facts don’t matter to Trump or his voters. It is quite possible that such an extreme measure will be challenged in the courts should it come to pass, but only time will tell.

There are many right-wing judges that Trump and his GOP Senate have confirmed up and down the court system – including on the Supreme Court, which does not bode well for beating back such hardline immigration policies.

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