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“Trump Needs To Get Used To Losing” Former Homeland Security Staffer Predicts Charges This Year

“Trump Needs To Get Used To Losing” Former Homeland Security Staffer Predicts Charges This Year

Donald Trump talked about winning a lot in his 2016 campaign and during his single term as President of the United States, but in the 2020 election, he took a big loss. Now a former Homeland Security staffer says that Trump should get used to it because there are more coming. He says he “wouldn’t be surprised” if the twice-impeached former President faces charges this year.

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Appearing on MSNBC, Miles Taylor, who spoke out anonymously while he was still working with Homeland Security, spoke about the possibility of Trump facing legal consequences in the coming year.

Taylor says he wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen, because, while everyone occasionally breaks the law — “it might be a traffic infraction” — Trump goes beyond. “You won’t just see him break the law. You will see him set the law on fire.” He says that whether it’s in governing or golf, Trump can’t stop cheating, and has “an almost clinical addiction to wrongdoing.”

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Taylor also believes that a lot of Republicans are secretly hoping for Trump to face serious consequences, so that the party can be free of him and move forward.

He’s not the first to predict that upcoming legal troubles will be bad news for Trump, either. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer, has been speaking to prosecutors. Legal experts have predicted serious fallout with regard to the Capitol insurrection and Trump’s role in that attack. There are also multiple civil suits already in progress, including for defamation of E. Jean Carrol, who says Trump sexually assaulted her, and a law professor has predicted that more will hit from victims of the Capitol attack.

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