Trump More Upset About Magazines Snubbing Melania Than COVID19 Deaths

No one should ever assume Donald Trump ever has his priorities in the right order. The living embodiment of “Me first”, Trump doesn’t care about anything other than himself and how he’s perceived by his adoring base. His attacks on others are always rooted in his jealousy, which is how bullies roll when they’re intimidated by all of the smart kids. And now that he’s in the last days of his only term, Trump’s IDGAF attitude is so blatantly on display that Twitter is essentially one giant eyeroll emoji. He’s trying to create the biggest mess possible for Joe Biden to clean up, and instead of doing something to make his exit from the White House look at all dignified, he’s pouring what little energy he derives from his Diet Cokes to acting like a petty child. Trump is golfing through a daily body count that tops the death toll from 9/11 while millions are trying to make it through another month with no income. He vetoed a bill that would help with the intention of hurting. Trump simply does not care about anyone not named Donald or Ivanka Trump.

But occasionally he remembers he still has a wife, and if he can’t muster up any genuine feelings for her, he can at least create more faux outrage over a fabricated slight against her to distract his base from the election loss and impending prosecutions he fears in New York. Saturday’s weak attempt comes courtesy of Breitbart News, which never met a morsel of propaganda it couldn’t blow up into something to dominate the news cycle instead of the real things Trump is guilty of. Why is it that Michelle Obama was repeatedly featured on the cover of fashion magazines during her husband’s two terms, Breitbart asked (obtusely, most would say) while ignoring Melania over the last four years?

Donald Trump Michelle Obama Memoir
Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

Linking to a tweet from right-wing Breitbart, that read, “The elitist snobs in the fashion press have kept the most elegant First Lady in American history off the covers of their magazines for 4 consecutive years,” Trump added “The greatest of all time” by which he presumably meant the first lady, before adding the requisite “Fake news!”

So he’ll stop golfing for that, but not to acknowledge the COVID19 epidemic or the relief bill he just vetoed. Twitter users were quick to point out the strikingly obvious differences between the two First Ladies, mainly focusing on the fact that no one will ever see a photo of Michelle like this, nor would she ever get “kidney surgery”.

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