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‘YOU Haven’t Even Learned English!’ — Trump Mocked Over His Immigration Rule Changes

‘YOU Haven’t Even Learned English!’ — Trump Mocked Over His Immigration Rule Changes

Speaking at the White House on Thursday afternoon, President Donald Trump explained his administration’s proposals for how he believes rules should be changed regarding which immigrants should be allowed into the country in the future.

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Among the merit-based changes the White House is proposing is a requirement that immigrants learn English when they become citizens. Details on when they would have to learn the language or how immigrants applying for citizenship would prove they can speak it fluently was not immediately made clear.

“To promote integration, assimilation, and national unity, future immigrants will be required to learn English, and to pass a civics exam prior to admission,” Trump said in his remarks.

A naturalization test is already required by law for any immigrant seeking to become a citizen of the United States. But although English is the predominant language in the country, the U.S. doesn’t have an official language, and indeed many communities across America have neighborhoods where other languages are primarily spoken.

Users on the social media site Twitter logged on to criticize the president, with some lambasting his ability to speak English himself.

One user also noted that the entire Trump presidency could have been avoided were such a test put on candidates for office in 2016.

Other users on Twitter had direct criticisms about the policy itself, demonstrating that it had racist connotations.

Some, like Vox journalist Aaron Rupar, showcased that the policy would unfairly affect poor individuals, who may be deserving of becoming citizens in the U.S. but who are unable to learn a new language given their economic status.

Another user noticed that the president’s words were “vague,” and that the terms set forth for becoming a naturalized citizen weren’t easily understood.

The new rules would have to be passed by Congress, according to the president’s statements. He had a plan, he said, for addressing blockage of his proposed new rules on immigration.

If Democrats in Congress blocked the passage of the proposal, “then we will get it approved immediately after the [2020] election when we take back the House, keep the Senate and of course, hold the presidency,” Trump explained.

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