Trump Melts Down Over Perfectly Reasonable Questions About COVID-19 Testing

Testing for the coronavirus has been a constant problem in the United States. There are likely plenty of people walking around with the virus who simply don’t know they have it because they are completely asymptomatic, or because they think it is a simple cold or something.

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

This is what makes testing for it absolutely essential. However, President Donald Trump did what he does best while being asked about something so crucial during this pandemic: he got defensive.

When asked how he would have the knowledge to know that the curve is flattening rather than spiking without widespread testing, Trump had the most ridiculous response ever. The president explained that people would stop showing up at emergency rooms nationwide.

Trump declared:

“I think we’ll have it in retreat. Will it be today? No. Tomorrow? No. But it will be at a certain point in the not too distant future. It will be gone.”

“No, because people aren’t going to go to the hospital. People aren’t going to get sick. You know that. But we’re going to do very substantial testing. We’re doing more testing right now than any other country in the world by far. If you’d like to have that question answered, I’ll have the professionals answer it. Perhaps you can come up. We’re doing tremendous testing. But you’ll know. You’ll know before anybody. You’ll see nobody is getting sick anymore. It will be gone and it wouldn’t be that much longer.”

This is, of course, ridiculous. We all know by now that people are often completely asymptomatic while infected, yet they are readily able to spread the disease simply by coughing, sneezing, or breathing on others.

We are all advised to wear masks in public for these reasons. Trump has long touted bogus drug treatment, one which put a woman in intensive care and actually killed her husband, and other insane methods. He has even declared that he wants churches packed on Easter.

Yet, despite all medical advice, he continues to spout misinformation. The networks who are choosing to fact-check and even not air his briefings have the right idea. Trump is spouting dangerous misinformation during this time, and it is all to promote his Xenophobic agenda and attempts at reelection in the midst of a dangerous crisis.

It’s definitely time for a new President. At the very least, let Anthony Fauci hold these briefings.

Watch Trump’s absurd and dangerous declaration that we do not need testing here:

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