Trump Melts Down As Late Night Television Hosts Return to Action

Late last night, Donald Trump threw a fit on Truth Social complaining about the late-night hosts who were mocking him. 

Seemingly no one enjoyed the Hollywood writer's strike more than Donald Trump. He went months without being mocked by the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers and Jimmy Fallon. But the strike has come to an end and the comedians are back on line. During their first night, Trump threw a fit on his Truth Social website. 

The former President wrote, "Now that the “strike” is over, the talentless, low-rated CREEPS of Late Night Television are back. I knew there was a reason I didn’t want to see it settled - True LOSERS!!!"Trump continued by writing that the comedians are not funny and that they essentially work for the Democrats. 

Kimmel gave a good example of the kind of jokes that make the former President so upset. The host was discussing a moment this week where Trump claimed that people who live in Beverly Hills smell. 

"That ridiculous man had the nuclear codes for four years," he said. "Wait ’til he finds out about the showers in prison. He is not gonna be happy. It's like all of Melania's birthday wishes came true at once."