Trump Makes it Rain in Las Vegas Church

Donald Trump took a lot of heat in June for using the full power of the U.S. military to clear Lafayette Park of peaceful demonstrators so that he could walk from the White House to St. John’s Church for his upside down Bible photo op. Many mocked him because he only used the church as a background and very rarely steps foot in one.

Well, on Sunday he stepped in one in Las Vegas and the imagery — and inter-webs commentary — is breathtaking. Accompanied by White House aides Hope Hicks and Dan Scovino, Trump responds dutifully as International Church of Las Vegas pastor urges the 250-person crowd to hold out their hands. “In your left hand I see generosity,” Goulet said. “With your other hand of stewardship we will be able to generate and have generosity enough for this nation and enough for other countries because we were called to be a blessing to all nations. So I decree and declare that generosity and stewardship because God has been placed in you … to guide this nation.”

At the 16:25 point in the video, as the pastor tells the congregation that “the buckets are going to around the aisles. Go ahead and give as the Lord leads your heart,” Trump reaches into his right front pants pocket and pulls out a wad of $20 bills. He appears to know that he’s on camera as he fans out the twenties. A little over a minute later he drops them in the white plastic collection bucket.

While there are far too many comments to post here, suffice it to say that many on Twitter doubt that it was his own money.

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