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Trump Makes Blatantly False Claim About Fake Voters Winning New Hampshire For Clinton In 2016

Trump Makes Blatantly False Claim About Fake Voters Winning New Hampshire For Clinton In 2016

Except for Americans who have been living inside of a cave for the past three years, most everyone has heard President Donald Trump make claims of “fake news” being biased against him.

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These claims are typically not true — the president frequently calls news that is accurate “fake” simply because he believes it casts him in a negative light. The term, which was originally coined in order to point out websites that appeared to look like news, created by instigators (foreign and domestic) who aimed to interfere in the 2016 election, has lost almost all of its original meaning.

Like “fake news,” Trump has also made audacious claims about fake voters — though he’s never used that term, he might as well do so, as his claims about voter fraud are equally unprovable as his claims about media producing fake stories about him are.

On Monday evening, while speaking at a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump made another fake voter claim, telling his audience there that the only reason he lost the Granite State in 2016 was because of voters crossing state lines from Massachusetts in order to disrupt New Hampshire’s results, Talking Points Memo reported.

“We should have won the election, but they had buses being shipped up from Massachusetts. Hundreds and hundreds of buses,” Trump said. “And it was very, very close even though they did.”

Trump has made such a claim for years. But just as before, he provided no evidence to support his audacious claim on Monday evening.

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The vote in New Hampshire was indeed very close: by a margin of just under 3,000 votes, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton defeated Trump, 46.8 percent to 46.5 percent, respectively.

Trump has made similarly dubious claims about the 2016 election. Shortly after he won the Electoral College vote, the president-elect said that the only reason he didn’t win the popular vote was due, again, to voter fraud, this time from immigrants.

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” Trump said in a tweet.

PolitiFact debunked that claim, saying there was no evidence to back it up. They added that Trump’s victory also wasn’t a landslide in their report.

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