Trump Makes Blatant False Claims at Virtual Town Hall

President Trump made more false claims about the Coronavirus at a Fox News Virtual Town Hall. The event was held on Sunday night at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Trump has long held incorrect views about the deadly virus since it first was discovered. CNN has conducted a fact check on the President’s claims.


Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images


One of the biggest claims from Trump was about Coronavirus and Dr. Fauci. Trump claimed that the top infectious disease expert said that the virus would pass and won’t be a big deal. Trump claimed that Dr, Fauci said this publicly. Trump is very wrong on this claim. Dr. Fauci did say in February that citizens did not need to change their behavior at that time. He also said that these conditions could change.


The President began the night by aiming at his favorite target, the Obama administration. Trump claimed that the former president did nothing against AIDS. “We will be AIDS-free within 8 years. We started for 10 years. Should’ve started in the previous administration. They did nothing. It started at my administration,” Trump said.


According to CNN, “It’s not even close to true that previous administrations did nothing to address HIV/AIDS in the US, experts say and budget data prove.”  Not only did Obama create a strategy for fighting HIV/AIDS, but Obamacare helped people with the virus get health insurance, according to experts.  George W. Bush also fought back against AIDS in places like Africa. The Kaiser Family Foundation says the Obama administration spent $5.5 billion in its fight against the virus.


Trump’s plan to end HIV/AIDS was introduced in 2019 and builds on Obama’s initiatives, according to experts. Before the plan was implemented, the Trump administration said that they would be guided by the Obama administration. “The domestic policies and programs of the Federal government continue to be guided by the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, and we are focused on working toward achieving the Strategy goals for 2020.”


The President made even more false claims during the town hall. You can read the entire list by following the link. One thing is for sure, Trump’s false claims are dangerous and many are trying to sort out facts from fiction.


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