Trump Loyalists Blast Attorney Ellis for Not Advocating Martial Law

Donald Trump’s attorneys have been willing to do and say just about anything on behalf of their client to try to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. They have had exactly zero success in winning meaningful cases in courtrooms all over the country, including being rejected twice by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Trump faithful are getting more and more restive and desperate as Jan. 20 approaches.

That appears to be why Trump attorney Jenna Ellis is coming under fire from some of Trump’s most ardent supporters because she will not join the seditious calls for the president to mobilize the military and invoke martial law.

Admitted liar and disgraced military veteran Michael Flynn made headlines over the weekend for making the suggestion that Trump could use the armed forces against United States citizens to conduct a do-over election in the battleground states he lost to President-elect Joe Biden. Kraken-releasing attorney Sidney Powell, whose outlandish, unsubstantiated conspiracy claims about election fraud were too “out there” even for Ellis and Rudy Giuliani and got her fired from the team, gave a thumbs-up to Flynn’s suggestion.

But Ellis on Monday tweeted that the Insurrection Act “does not apply” to Trump’s post-election legal efforts. She also pointed out that it is “fake news” that Trump himself is even considering the move.

That relatively measured call for restraint, a line in the sand if you will, did not go over well. One responder tweeted that Ellis “would have voted against the Declaration of Independence and “would be arguing for sending more petitions to King George III & to Parliament. Extraordinary measures are required.”

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