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Trump-Loving QAnon Cultist Refuses COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Even if Jesus Takes It’

Trump-Loving QAnon Cultist Refuses COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Even if Jesus Takes It’

DeAnna Lorraine, a QAnon conspiracy theorist and devoted dark web disciple of President Donald Trump, said Tuesday that even if Jesus Christ himself got vaccinated for COVID-19, she will not.


“Apparently Donald Trump just said he’s willing to take the vaccine also live on TV. I don’t like this. You know, Trump, probably 80 percent of your base does not want that vaccine. They are not willing to take a foreign, rushed substance and jab it into our arms. I don’t care who takes it. I don’t care if Jesus takes it, I’m not taking the vaccine,” Lorraine kvetched on her Infowars radio show.

Lorraine categorized high-profile politicians volunteering to get inoculated against the coronavirus as “weird,” whether the recipient is Trump, former President Barack Obama, the Clintons, Anthony Fauci, or New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“It’s weird, and it makes me feel uncomfortable that President Trump is jumping on the bandwagon with Obama and the Clintons and Bill Gates and now Fauci and Cuomo, saying they’re going to take this live on TV,” Lorraine said. “We don’t care.”

Nah, really? You?

“In fact, you know, the more you guys do this weird, desperate attempt to try to convince us that the vaccine is safe that was rushed at warp speed, the more uneasy I feel with the vaccine,” Lorraine continued. “So, President Trump, if you’re smart, if you don’t want to lose your base of support, please don’t keep jumping on this vaccine bandwagon and saying you’re gonna join these clowns and take the vaccine live on TV. Please.”

This is not Lorraine’s first time using religion to justify her opposition to vaccines.

In July, Lorraine bleated about Trump wearing a mask. A day later, she added that she does not want “robotic nanoparticles in my body,” referring to a potential vaccine.

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“We don’t want any of that crap. Biblically, God does not want us wearing masks,” she declared without citing a Bible verse.

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

Forty-one days until the inauguration.

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