Trump-Loving Lawmaker Forced to Sit in Plexiglass Box for Defying Mask Mandate

A pro-Trump Senator who steadfastly refuses to wear a mask during the novel coronavirus pandemic was recently punished by her fellow elected officials. Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase‘s stances on COVID19 and other issues have made her so politically toxic that she was recently booted out of her local chapter of the Republican Party. Her stubborn refusals to wear a face mask while the state legislature was in session led her colleagues to respond by forcing her to sit in a plexiglass box that she unironically describes as her “freedom square”.

Chase, who calls herself “Trump in heels”, also got in a fight with a police officer last year over a parking space. A police report said she accused the officer of violating “women’s rights” for not letting her park in the restricted spot, even though in the same conversation, she called a Senate clerk “Miss Piggy” (Chase later said the police report “looks like it was written by democrat operatives.”).

Chase’s extreme stances have garnered her a following amongst the QAnon conspiracy theorists, who were recently classified as a domestic terrorist group by the FBI. Along with lying about the vaccine, Chase has knowingly taken donations and ‘security’ help from fellow neo-Confederate and QAnon-linked extremists, and has also called on Trump to overturn his election loss by declaring martial law.

Her social media use shows that Chase also claims that she is “Antifa’s No. 1 target” and says that the group has plans to “dismember” her. Earlier this month, Chase took to Facebook to announce Joe Biden is “not my president” and urge Trump to “declare martial law.” Chase is also known to associate with militant fringe groups like the Proud Boys, and the Boogaloo movement, a broadly far-right and libertarian coalition that encourages its members to prepare for extreme violence in what they believe is an imminent civil war. Chase also attended a gun rally organized by Mike Dunn, the teenage leader of a Boogaloo group in Virginia.

Chase has spent the weeks after Trump’s loss echoing his far-right conspiracy theories and refuses to accept his defeat. She claims to be working with Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell on “election fraud” and believes they will be able to overturn the legitimate election results.

The 2020 Presidential Election has been called for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, with their 306 Electoral College votes due for certification by Congress on January 6, 2021.

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