Trump Loving Elise Stefanik Accused of Improper Fundraising Practices

While Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives, the televised hearing allowed some congresspeople to become conservative darlings. Perhaps no lawmaker became more well known from the hearings that New York’s 21st District Rep. Elise Stefanik.

Saul Loeb – Pool/Getty Images

Once considered one of the more moderate Republicans in the House, Stefanik used the hearings to go full Trump. She’s seen a significant increase in her fundraising numbers since the impeachment inquiry. Ethics investigators, though, said she is using improper fundraising practices by using clips of the trial to raise money.

A voter in Stefanik’s district made an ethics complaint against the congresswoman after seeing the way the clips were used. Susan Delehanty says that the lawmaker had sent out fundraising emails with links to the videos. The constituent thinks that Stefanik is in violation of a House Ethics rule.

Some ethics watchdogs think Delehanty has a point. Larry Noble, former general counsel of the FEC told Yahoo News, “I think Rep. Stefanik‚Äôs use of video of the House hearing to solicit political contributions is a serious violation of that rule. The rule is clear, and so is the guidance given by the House Ethics Committee.”

Donald K. Sherman from CREW agreed, saying, “House Ethics Committee guidance clearly prohibits Members from using video of committee proceedings for campaign purposes, which Rep. Stefanik appears to have done nine times in the last six months.”

Stefanik’s office denied any wrong doing, stating, “Our office has never been notified about an ethics investigation since Congresswoman Stefanik was sworn into office.”

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