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Trump-Loving Attorney Lin Wood Wants Military To Declare Election Void, Start Over

Trump-Loving Attorney Lin Wood Wants Military To Declare Election Void, Start Over

Lin Wood doxing

Lin Wood hasn’t stopped insisting that Donald Trump won the 2020 election and will return to office any day now. In a pair of new posts on Telegram, he floats two ideas to achieve that end. Both involve the military and FEMA taking over the election — either by simply declaring it void and forcing a redo, or by doing an audit of the votes.

Lin Wood doxing
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Lin Wood’s takes on the election have been extreme all along. For example, see a post below from earlier this month, in which he says that he is excited for “the President of Our Republic, Donald J. Trump,” to be “publicly on the job” again. Trump has, at this point, not been President of the United States for over a month, and it has been nearly 4 months since he lost the election.

Lin Wood thinks Trump will resume office.
[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

On Saturday, Wood offered his ideas about how Trump resuming office could happen, in two long posts. The following excerpt is edited for length.

“We The People should demand that the U.S. Military declare the election null and void in order to close the curtain on the fake Bribes administration. Then FEMA can promptly schedule a new national election with paper ballots. Down ballot races could also be conducted.

We would know within days who We The People want as our President…Arrests of the enemy can follow unless already undertaken or underway.”

You can see the full post in the screenshot below.

Lin Wood wants a military takeover of 2020 election
[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

He followed up with a second notion, very slightly modifying the demand for a military coup to overthrown the U.S. government, suggesting that instead of completely taking over, the military could just do an audit of all the ballots from the 2020 election — something that there is also no authority conferred to do.

In the excerpt below, Wood indicates that overturning the 2020 election is a foregone conclusion, saying that “however we get there” the process needs to start soon.

“Another option would be to have U.S. Military and FEMA perform legitimate audits of the lawful ballots cast in each state.

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Trump won by a landslide. The result is certain.

However we get there, we need to start working on getting there. In my opinion, efforts to correct the problem in the future are futile unless and until we correct the problem of November 3, 2020.”

The full (long) post is below.

Lin Wood demands that US Military force an audit of 2020 election
[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

Wood is currently facing a long list of personal troubles related to his insistence that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, including a risk of losing his license to practice in Georgia.

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