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Trump Loses NDA Arbitration Case To Silence Former White House Aide

Trump Loses NDA Arbitration Case To Silence Former White House Aide

Donald Trump is known for having an affinity for non-disclosure agreements. For a man who likes to live in the spotlight, he’s very protective of his privacy in a lot of matters, too. It makes a certain kind of sense — the people with whom Trump has fought legal battles over their public disclosures typically had negative things to say about him.

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Most recently, the former president has made headlines for suing his niece, Mary Trump, and the New York Times, claiming, according to MarketWatch, that publication of tax records in her possession was a breach of a settlement agreement.

Now, he’s had a ruling in a separate case, with an abritrator determining that a non-disclosure agreement with Omarosa Manigault Newman was too broad to be enforceable. Manigault Newman had published a book about the former president, titled Unhinged. Upon publication, Trump’s campaign filed a lawsuit alleging breach of the agreement, which she had signed during the 2016 campaign, promising not to reveal information about Trump’s personal life or business practices.

According to the New York Times, however, Manigault Newman’s attorney released documentation from the arbitration. The arbitrator, Andrew Brown, affirmed that the agreement was too broad to be enforceable and that it would have been different if she was disclosing private donor information or internal polling.

“Rather, they are for the most part simply expressions of unflattering opinions, which are deemed ‘confidential information’ based solely upon the designation of Mr. Trump. This is exactly the kind of indefiniteness which New York courts do not allow to form the terms of a binding contract.”

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The Washington Post reported last year on Trump’s NDA failures, citing a former campaign worker, Jessica Denson, who said that Trump’s campaign filed a $1.5 million claim against her after she filed a suit alleging sex discrimination in the campaign.

This March, Protect Democracy reported that Denson, too, had prevailed, with a federal court ruling that the NDA against her was “invalid and unenforceable.”

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