Trump Loon Sidney Powell Says Brian Kemp’s Daughter’s Boyfriend Was “Blown Up” to Stop Georgia Audit

There are some really out there people who have represented Donald Trump over the years. Just take his election team. Jenna Ellis managed to get into a feud with animated character Marge Simpson. And Rudy Giuliani counted go 5 seconds without utterly humiliating himself.

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]
But Sidney Powell made both Ellis and Giuliani look completely put together by comparison. She was, in fact, fired from the legal team for her insane takes. But she hasn’t stopped with the conspiracy theories. She recently said that the boyfriend of Brian Kemp was killed in order to stop an electoral audit.

Powell made the comments during an appearance on Pastor Andrew Wommack’s podcast. She told the host:

“I think, what we are dealing with here is pervasive and very, very dark.It’s organized, it’s well-funded, it’s pure evil. They are willing to kill people à la Kelly Loeffler’s aide in GA, who was suddenly blown up in his car on the way to a rally for her. He happened to be dating Gov. Kemp’s daughter. Gov. Kemp was considering, I think, at that point a signature audit. We are talking about trillions of dollars of global wealth at issue here.”

Harrison Deal was killed in an automobile accident in December of 2020. Kemp said of people trying to make a conspiracy out of the death, “They don’t need to bother my wife and my children or another elected official’s wife and children. I can assure you I can handle myself. And if they’re brave enough to come out from underneath that keyboard or behind it, we can have a little conversation if they would like to.”

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