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Trump, Like A Dictator, Says: ‘Nobody Disobeys My Orders’

Trump, Like A Dictator, Says: ‘Nobody Disobeys My Orders’

Donald Trump’s affinity for authoritarian leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean despot Kim Jung-un has long bothered many people who care about the pillars of democracy. Now, it seems that the fears regarding these instincts  have come to fruition.

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The Mueller report has come out, and it certainly contains unflattering details about the president’s staff ignoring orders that they deem to be dangerous, politically damaging, foolish, or flat-out illegal.

Apparently upset by this information being revealed to the public, Trump disputed the information in the report. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asked Trump:

“Are you worried your staff is ignoring your orders, as the Mueller report portrays?”

Trump replied forcefully:

“Nobody disobeys my orders.”

Trump was also equally forceful on the question of impeachment. When asked if that particular long-running threat concerned him, the president said, “Not even a little bit.”

Trump also mistakenly said that because the report allegedly concluded that “there were no crimes by me,” that impeachment is now off the table.

Here is video of these remarks:

These assertions are false, though, as the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives can still impeach. In fact, Senator Elizabeth Warren, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential race, has already called for the House to begin impeachment proceedings as a result of the contents of the Mueller report.

Then again, Trump’s disregard and misunderstanding of the rule of law are now quite well-documented, and therefore his statements on these matters are unsurprising. Hopefully, the people keeping things as close to legal as possible continue to do so for the sake of the nation.



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