Trump Lawyers Have Been Stiffed, Disbarred, Jailed — Who Will Represent Him Now?

Donald Trump is known for failing to pay his bills, and his former attorney, Michael Cohen, has warned that the president’s legal representation is not exempt from that. That’s just the beginning, though, of the consequences lawyers face as they fight for Trump. Now he’s having trouble finding anyone to represent him in impeachment.

Trump lawyers suffer consequences
[Photo by DON EMMERT/AFP via Getty Images]

Michael Cohen, of course, who entered the Trump presidency as ‘fixer’ and personal attorney, has perhaps faced the most consequences — he’s not only had legal fees unpaid, but lost his legal license and went to jail for lies told and actions taken in service of Trump. However, there’s plenty of suffering to go around for anyone willing to give this president the representation he wants.

Most recently, we reported on Rudy Giuliani beginning to suffer the same consequences — Trump is reportedly refusing to pay him, too.

Then there’s Sidney Powell — though the president said she’s not actually employed by him, she’s been fighting election battles for his benefit, and now she’s facing a lawsuit, the Washington Post reports, from Dominion Voting Systems for misrepresenting the company. She’s also been kicked off Twitter, and according to Forbes, could even be facing disbarrment.

Now Bloomberg is reporting that Trump is struggling to find attorneys for his upcoming impeachment trial. He has reporteddly gotten refusals from a long list of attorneys who have defended him in the past, including Pam Bondi, Jay Sekulow, and others. Several major law firms have also refused to take the case.

It’s not just about the risk to reputation, wallet, and license to practice, either — Bloomberg is reporting that many attorneys say that this time, the president’s actions are absolutely indefensible.

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