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Trump Lawyer Now Promoting Threats From Fake Josh Hawley Telegram Account

Trump Lawyer Now Promoting Threats From Fake Josh Hawley Telegram Account

Jenna Ellis has done a few things that may seem bizarre or hard to understand for most of us — like continuing her fight to overturn the 2020 election, even after being called out for shoddy work on cases, and despite never producing a hair of evidence for her claims. Her newest posts on Telegram, however, just completely deny explanation.

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Josh Hawley is on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, all of which are listed on his website. His website does not list any other social media pages, including Telegram. There is an unofficial Telegram page for him that posts copies of his tweets, though. Then there’s a new Telegram page that is quite certainly a fake.

At the time of this writing, that page has four posts, each of which is a single sentence, and all of which vaguely predict some future ‘punishment’ for a group of people who aren’t identified other than as ‘traitors.’ You can see the whole account in the screenshot below, including the bio.

[Screenshot via Telegram]

The briefest skim of Hawley’s posts on his actual social media pages would assure anyone that this — single sentences, vague, incomplete thoughts — is not his writing style. A page so clearly fake, with such sparse content, would hardly get a glance from anyone — if it wasn’t for Jenna Ellis.

As mentioned, Ellis has been doing some big public things that have gotten her a lot of attention, including a fan following of election deniers. So, when she pushes something, it gets a little attention. The question is, why is an attorney, a public figure who was actually battling in court for the then-president, either falling for it or shilling for whoever is behind the fake account?

She’s promoted the account twice already in the two days it has existed, posting on Tuesday that Hawley had just joined Telegram and would be revealing “the TRUTH about Fauci’s Fraud,” and following it up on Wednesday with a share of a vague threat that “Every traitor will be punished for their deeds soon.”

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[Screenshot via Jenna Ellis/Telegram]

Neither the fake Hawley nor Ellis clarifies who the ‘traitors’ in question are, but some conservatives have pushed narratives describing Fauci and other health officials as traitors, and there are conspiracy theorists painting election officials as traitors, since Trump’s election loss.

Ellis has been asked by several of her fans why she’s promoting fake accounts. Senator Hawley has not weighed in, at this time, on her promoting a fake account issuing vague threats in his name.

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