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Trump Lawyer John Eastman Is Blocking 3200 Documents From Jan 6th Committee

Trump Lawyer John Eastman Is Blocking 3200 Documents From Jan 6th Committee

What a strange way for an “innocent and transparent” person to behave.

John Eastman, Donald Trump’s far-right lawyer who wanted to block Joe Biden’s electoral win in 2020, is still withholding about 3,200 documents from the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection, according to a new court filing this week.


Eastman previously was ordered by the court to turn over 101 documents after he unsuccessfully tried to claim some of his emails from January 4th through January 7th, 2021, were “confidential legal communications” related to Trump. The House Select Committee obtained the emails two weeks ago that document the extensive discussions among Eastman and others about using court cases as a political argument to block Congress from certifying the vote, according to past proceedings in the court case.

Since then, Eastman has continued to work through nearly 100,000 pages of emails from his Chapman University account that the House Committee seeks from other dates around the election. Eastman argued that the thousands of documents, comprising about 36,000 pages, should stay confidential. Federal Judge David Carter of California may continue to weigh whether Eastman can keep those pages secret.

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The emails obtained by the House Select Committee, such as a draft memo from Rudy Giuliani recommending that then-Vice President Mike Pence reject some states’ electors during the January 6th congressional meeting, were released because the judge had decided they were potentially being used to plan a crime. “This may have been the first time members of Trump’s team transformed a legal interpretation of the Electoral Count Act into a day-by-day plan of action,” Judge Carter wrote. The judge ordered the release of the other emails in the batch because they weren’t about litigation, so they couldn’t be protected as the work of an attorney.

The state of California’s attorney regulators are reviewing Eastman’s legal ethics related to the election, and Trump and Eastman have not yet been charged with any crime. The documents still in dispute are from Election Day 2020 up to January 4, 2021, and January 7 through Joe Biden’s inauguration two weeks later.

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