Trump Lawyer Habba Gives a Strange Reason for His Innocence in Hush-Money Probe

Thanks in part to his long history of not paying them and in part due to what he's been accused of, Donald Trump has a tough time finding lawyers to represent him. The days of respectable lawyers taking his cases are over and he is down to hiring people like Alina Habba, who is more of a Fox News commentator than a litigator. 

Not surprisingly, Habba was on Sean Hannity's show on Monday night, attempting to argue the cases to Fox viewers. And the lawyer came up with a really strange reason for why she thought her client was innocent. 

"Let's not forget something here, Sean," she began. "President Trump was in Washington when...this is happening," Habba said. "When somebody made a notation in an accounting record at Trump Organization, he was in Washington taking care of this country."

Habba then complained about Judge Merchan's ruling that Trump had to be in the court for his trial. She continued, "He's not even allowing a person due process, the right to go sit in front of the Supreme Court and hear a case that determines many lawsuits that are currently against President Trump."

Habba has things a little backwards on this one. It is not normal for people to sit in front of Supreme Court cases. It is, however, very normal for people accused to paying hush money to sit in federal court.