Trump Lawyer Explains Why His Client Didn't Testify [VIDEO]

People heard plenty from Donald Trump about his hush money trial in New York City. But they didn'tt hear from him on the witness stand. Instead the former President would complain each day outside of the courthouse and via his Truth Social website. 

Trump's lawyer, Todd Blanche, appeared on both Fox News and CNN last night, answering questions about the case. When the topic came to Trump testifying, Blanche explained why it didn't happen. 

During a conversation with CNN's Kaitlin Collins, Blanche was asked why his client didn't defend himself on the stand. "That's a very personal question to him and to me, honestly, and it's a very difficult question," he said. "Of course, he wanted to testify and I don't say that because that's what he has said — he wanted to get a story out."

Blanche continued, "If he took the stand... some of those questions were really complicated to answer because there's still appeals going on," Blanche explained. "And there's a lot there's a lot of decision points that go into whether somebody testifies ultimately, it's his decision and he listened to us and he relied on our counsel and he reached the decision that he that he thought was right, which I very much agreed with.