Trump Lawyer Defends “National Hero” Giuliani

If there’s one thing Democrats and Republicans both agree on during this partisan time, it’s that Rudy Giuliani has done the President no favors. Just last week, Fox and Friends, normally a safe space for the former New York City mayor, cut him off as he rambled on about conspiracy theories.

Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

To at least one person, though, Giuliani was in Ukraine doing what any good prosecuting attorney would do. During her defense of Donald Trump on Monday, attorney Jane Raskin also defended Giuliani, painting him as a “national hero.”

Raskin argued, “The House managers would have you believe that Mr. Giuliani is at the center of this controversy. They’ve anointed him the proxy villain of the tale, the leader of a rogue operation. Their presentations were filled with ad hominem attacks and name-calling … but I suggest to you he’s front and center in their narrative for one reason alone: to distract from the fact that the evidence does not support their claims.”

The lawyer also insisted that Giuliani was in the Ukraine trying to clear Trump of charges leveled by Robert Mueller. “He was not on a political errand,” Raskin said. “He was doing what good defense attorneys do. … He was gathering evidence about Ukrainian election interference to defend his client against the false allegations being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller.”

Ukrainian and friend of Giuliani, Lev Parnas, has told officials that the former New York mayor was at the heart of a quid pro quo scheme.

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