Trump Lashes Out at His Enemies, Foreign and Domestic on July Fourth

On a day that is typically celebrated with outdoor picnics, barbecues, and local parades, the President decided to adopt a different spirit. On Independence Day, the President chose to lash out at China, and also managed to sling some rhetoric at his domestic opponents as well. In stark contrast to reality, the President praised the Administration’s response to the coronavirus, while the majority of states are reporting record surges in cases.

Donald and Melania Trump
Photo: Raw Story

Usually, the Fourth of July is a time for most families and communities to celebrate our Independence and our commonalities as a nation. Many leaders might have opted to use the opportunity to deliver a message of unity, however, Trump decided to use the opportunity to mobilize his political allies, and verbally lambasted protestors rallying for social justice after the death of George Floyd.

Said Trump, “We are now in the process of defeating the radical left, the Marxists, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters,” and the protestors are “not interested in justice or healing. Their goal is demolition,” he said. The President did not stop there.┬áTrump then once again accused China of perpetrating a cover-up that resulted in the worldwide pandemic, while at the same time, Trump lauded what he described as American “scientific brilliance.”

And if that wasn’t enough of a holiday message, the President also had a few choice words for the media, whom he accused of waging a smear campaign saying, “The more you lie, the more you slander, the more you try to demean and divide, the more we will work hard, to tell the truth, and we will win.”

With four months to go before the election, most national polls currently show Trump trailing Joe Biden by anywhere from 8-12%.



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