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Trump Keeps Talking About Inviting Putin to G-7 Conference

Trump Keeps Talking About Inviting Putin to G-7 Conference

The G-7 was originally called the G-8 as Russia was one of the member countries. Following the decision by Vladimir Putin to annex Crimea, Russia’s spot in the international conference was revoked. Vladmir Putin has since attempted to get his country back into the organization.

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Putin has found an ally willing to present his case for reentry in United States President Donald Trump. The President has frequently talked this week about Russia being readmitted into the G-7.

A Wednesday CNN story from reporter Kylie Atwood claimed that Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron both wanted Russia back in the conference. Macron refuted those claims, writing, “Saying that Russia can return to the [G7] table without any conditions is enacting the weakness of the G7. It would be a strategic mistake & a profound injustice.”

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That statement has not stopped the President’s continued lobbying for Russia’s reentry. He told reporters over the weekend, “It’s certainly possible, we’ll see. We had a very good discussion on Russia and President Putin, and a lively discussion, but, really, a good one,” the president added, explaining that discussion had taken place on Saturday evening.”

The other members of the summit aren’t as confident as Trump. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk said on Friday, “Under no condition can we agree with this logic. When Russia was invited to G7 for the first time, it was believed that it would pursue the path of liberal democracy, rule of law, and human rights,” Tusk said. “Is there anyone among us, who can say with full conviction, not out of business calculation, that Russia is on that path?”


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