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Trump Just Compared Robert Mueller to Joseph McCarthy in a McCarthyesque Tweet

Trump Just Compared Robert Mueller to Joseph McCarthy in a McCarthyesque Tweet

This morning, in a firestorm of tweets directed toward Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation, President Trump issued one statement that is as outlandish and as confrontational as they come.

At 8:24 AM ET, Trump tweeted:

Study the late Joseph McCarthy, because we are now in period with Mueller and his gang that make Joseph McCarthy look like a baby! Rigged Witch Hunt!

For those of you who are not history buffs and are too young to remember who Senator Joseph McCarthy was, you are probably still familiar with the term “McCarthyism”.

Joseph McCarthy, who died at the young age of 48, rose to prominence in the 1950s after he made a claim that 205 communists had infiltrated the United States State Department. He also claimed that these communists and Soviet spies had worked their way into U.S. universities, the movie industry and other areas of American culture.  These claims made national news and has embedded his name into history books for centuries to come.

While the claims seemed quite stunning at the time, many people still believed McCarthy.  However, when he testified before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, he was unable to substantiate any of these claims.

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Today, the term “McCarthyism” is used as a political reference to individuals believed to be reckless and “demagogic”.  You may hear the term used to describe an individual who makes outlandish and unsubstantiated accusations against another individual or political opponent.

Trump apparently is trying to make the comparison that Mueller is taking part in a McCarthy-like conspiracy theory. It seems as though Trump is saying that Mueller is blaming the Russians (like McCarthy did with the Soviets) as a means for the Special Counsel to bring down the United States government.

Essentially McCarthyism, is exactly what President Trump did in his tweet this morning, when he compared Robert Mueller to Joseph McCarthy.

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