Trump Jr: You’d Be Shot If You Wore a MAGA Hat in Chicago

Today, Donald Trump Jr. appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss his Father’s upcoming trip to Vietnam. During the segment, the conversation turned to Jussie Smollett, who Trump Jr. has had strong opinions on.

Donald Trump Jr. Neo-Nazi dog whistle
Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

The president’s son claimed he doubted the Smollett story from day one. His reasoning? Trump Jr. claims that anyone in Chicago found wearing a MAGA hat is likely to be shot.

He told the panel:

“I put out a tweet sort of sarcastically hitting some of the Jussie Smollett thing, which was like, ‘Man I’m really shocked that people in downtown Chicago on the coldest night of the year weren’t actually there wearing MAGA hats. Because you know, if you wore a MAGA hat in downtown Chicago, you probably wouldn’t last too long. Okay? About two seconds until you get shot.”

While the city of Chicago does have a serious problem with gun violence, the cities downtown area is quite safe. In fact, the Trump family has heavily invested in the area. The Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago is located on N. Wabash Avenue.

You can watch a clip of the interview here:

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