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Trump Jr. Walks Out Of Event Promoting His Book After He’s Heckled, Booed By Conservative Audience

Trump Jr. Walks Out Of Event Promoting His Book After He’s Heckled, Booed By Conservative Audience

Donald Trump Jr. has been on a media tour promoting his new book, “Triggered,” which has led to many acts of protest against the son of the president.

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Trump Jr. purports in his book that liberals are doing harm to the nation and standing in the way of his father’s vision for the country. But on Sunday, it was a group of conservatives who booed him off the stage, not liberal-leaning anti-Trump protesters, The Independent reported.

Delivering remarks at UCLA, it was announced prior to the event that time constraints would limit how long Trump Jr. could speak — and not allow for a questions and answers segment after he was finished. This caused attendees to be upset with the format.

During the event, which was organized by the conservative organization Turning Point USA, Trump Jr. stated that “being able to question things” and to question authority was an important aspect of society. That led to conservatives in the audience to start a chant of “Q and A” that resulted in Trump Jr. and his partner, Kimberly Guilfoyle, to leave.

Before departing, Guilfoyle had a message for audience members. “You’re not making your parents proud by being rude and disruptive and discourteous,” she said. “I bet you engage and go on online dating because you’re impressing no one here to get a date in person.”

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The event did also include a small interruption from anti-Trump protesters, who chanted “Immigrants are welcome here.” But it was purportedly a right-wing section of the audience that prompted the “Q and A” chant, as well as boos toward Trump Jr.

Right-wing commentators on social media, including anti-TPUSA crusader Nick Fuentes, hailed the protests as a “HUG victory” against the organization, Newsweek reported.

Trump Jr. and his book have been the subject of recent criticism, due to an excerpt from the book in which he compares his dad’s decision to become president as a “sacrifice” on par with the sacrifices soldiers who perished in war made.

While driving past Arlington National Cemetery, Trump Jr. wrote, he noted, “all the attacks we’d already suffered as a family, and about all the sacrifices we’d have to make to help my father succeed — voluntarily giving up a huge chunk of our business and all international deals to avoid the appearance that we were ‘profiting off of the office.”

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