Trump Jr. Uses Israeli-Palestinian War To Encourage People To Buy AR-15s

During a Monday night rant, Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to buy semi-automatic weapons to protect themselves in the wake of the Israeli-Palestinian war. 

Now that his father is out of the White House and may not get back in, Donald Trump Jr. has been figuring out how to make money going forward. He has fashioned himself into a Conservative pundit who talks about guns quite a bit. 

In a recent video, Trump Jr. promoted AR-15 rifles. Referencing social media posts of hang-gliders with Palestinian flags, he told watchers:

"To the Democrats out there who are constantly trying to ban you know 30-round magazines for your AR-15 and the AR-15 themselves — that's why you need those things. That's why you need an AR-15. That's why you need a 30-round mag. Because if people in motorized paragliders come into your home — that's what it's for."

Trump Jr. continued, "It's about protecting yourselves," Trump Jr. added. "And if our government, which seems really content on spying on your grandmother or anyone else who is a conservative or a concerned parent on the parent school board — not actual terrorists of course — if they're not gonna a be able to protect you — we have to protect ourselves."

The Conservative figure closed, "you can only trust yourself to keep your family safe. So I urge everyone — and I know a lot of people have been out there are buying guns this week — even leftists who could never imagine it... Take the time. Don't just buy the gun. Get the training."