Trump Jr. Instagrams a Negative Poll For Trump Sr. and his Advisers

Donald Trump Jr. has regularly ran into controversy with his social media accounts. From retweeting white supremacists, to defending misogyny to admitting to potential crimes, he always seems to get himself in trouble.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Sometimes, Don Jr. sends out tweets that are damaging to his father without realizing it. This seems to be the case again as the president’s son posted a poll on Instagram where a majority of respondents felt Trump Sr. had improper dealings with Russia.

The headline of the post read: ‘Majority of Americans believe Russia Probe was Politically Motivated’. Trump Jr. captioned his post, “Wow. Shocked. People believe the Russia hoax was politically motivated. Wonder why the would believe that with our super honest and unbiased media selling it for the DNC for two years with zero evidence or proof???”

While Trump Jr. was right that a majority of those polled felt the probe was politically motivated, it wasn’t all good news for the president. 70% of respondents replied that they wanted the Mueller Report released in it’s entirety.

Additionally, 60% of those polled believe that senior Trump advisers had improper dealings with Russia. These answers, of course, may apply to Trump Jr’s infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian officials.

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