Trump Jr. Furious Dad’s Scene in Home Alone 2 Was Cut out by Network

Back when he was a New York City real estate developer and not a politician, Donald Trump appeared in the movie, Home Alone 2. Trump, who then owned New York’s Plaza Hotel, gave the main character Kevin McAllister directions around the building.


Trump Jr. tweeted, “Pathetic’: Canada’s CBC under fire when Trump’s cameo in ‘Home Alone 2’ disappears from Christmas broadcast.”

Former Minnesota congressman Jason Lewis also weighed in, writing, “Let’s be honest, whether entertainment, big tech, colleges or media—their embrace of outright censorship is dangerous totalitarianism. It’s no surprise govt. run CBC would be next. No one should be subsidized for running roughshod over free speech.”

The President actually appeared in a number of films during the 1990’s. A few years ago,  Matt Damon explained why. “The deal was that if you wanted to shoot in one of his buildings, you had to write him in a part,” the actor told The Hollywood Reporter.

Macaulay Culkin, who starred in Home Alone 2, gave his opinion on Trump during a Reddit AMA. When asked if he enjoyed filming Home Alone part one or two better, he responded, “The first one was more fun because we didn’t know what we were walking into and it was a lot less flying all over the place; it was all in Chicago. Also, it had 100% less Trump.”

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