Trump Jr. Defends Tucker Carlson’s Refusal To Apologize For Misogyny

Donald Trump Jr. proudly defended the brazenly misogynistic comments Fox News host Tucker Carlson made on a radio program.

Photo by William Campbell-Corbis via Getty Images

Praising Carlson’s refusal to apologize for a slew of unmistakable misogynistic attacks on women, including calling them “whores” and defending statutory rape, once again Trump Jr. took a page out of his father’s book, turning the bully into the victim.

The slew of recordings made by Carlson was compiled by Media Matters and released Sunday night.

Trump Jr. initially (and regrettably) wrote off the comments, which clearly were not funny as a playful crack at satire. Myself, as a comedian and satirist, calling a woman a “whore” isn’t exactly the works of Johnathan Swift.

While there is seemingly more manufactured outrage on the web than cat videos, Carlson’s comments were unquestionably misogynistic and hateful. It remains to be seen if the right-wing news network will take any disciplinary action, but Carlson did lose a great many advertisers from his primetime slot.

Seeing as Fox News has seemingly served as a mouthpiece for Donald Trump, it seems fitting that one of his sons would defend one of its network’s hosts.

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