Trump Issues VP Debate Challenge to Kamala Harris Despite Not Picking a Running Mate Yet

This week, it was announced that Joe Biden and Donald Trump would take part in a Presidential debate which will be aired on CNN. Unhappy by the news, Fox News immediately took the opportunity to invite Kamala Harris and the Republican VP to debate on their channel. 

Donald Trump was quick to accept the invitation. The problem is that Trump has yet to pick a running mate and that Harris accepted an invitation to debate on CBS, not on Fox News. 

Trump wrote on Truth Social, "On behalf of the future Vice President of the United States, who I have not yet chosen, we hereby accept the Fox Vice Presidential Debate, hopefully at Virginia State University, the first Historically Black College or University to host a Debate - Date to be determined. I urge Vice President Kamala Harris to agree to this. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

The former President also took a shot at his opponent in the race, writing:

"Crooked Joe Biden does not want RFK Jr. in the debates because Junior’ is far left him and they would be debating over the same territory, like ridiculous Open Borders and the Green New Scam, both of which are killing our Country. He’s also sharper and far more intelligent than Joe, all making for a bad combination of ingredients," Trump wrote, adding, "I don’t care if Junios’ joins the Debate, but right now his polling numbers are very low, he is not properly qualified in the States, and he seems to be on a downward path."