Trump Is Trending Worse, Not Better, Among Black Voters Versus His 2016 Numbers, Poll Finds

President Donald Trump held a rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this week, in which he touted strong support from the African American community, claiming that black voters were joining the Republican Party in large numbers.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

“We are a big tent and we are a big party of big ideas for the future,” Trump said. “That’s why African Americans are joining the Republican Party like nobody ever thought even possible. They love us and we love them.”

A quick examination of the rally itself showed that there weren’t large crowds of African American Trump supporters present at the rally on Tuesday. That’s likely because the president’s claims of support from the black community are greatly exaggerated.

According to a Washington Post/Ipsos poll released on Friday, the approval rating for Trump among black voters is dismal, with only 7 percent giving him positive marks. Ninety percent of African American respondents in the poll said they disapproved of his time as president.

Only 4 percent said that what Trump has done in office so far has been good for the African American community, while 76 percent have said his actions have been bad for them. More than three-quarters of respondents in the poll said Trump does not deserve much credit for low unemployment numbers among black Americans, and even more damning for him, 83 percent of black voters say he’s a racist, compared with just 13 percent that say he isn’t.

Trump fares poorly in head-to-head matchups between him and Democratic presidential contenders when it comes to black voters, too. In every question between candidates vying to be the nominee versus Trump, the incumbent president comes in fourth place — the Democrat comes in first, with the choice “another candidate” receiving second-place. Even not voting at all gets higher points from black respondents in the poll than Trump does.

Trump does not receive more than 5 percent support from black voters in any race between him and a hypothetical Democrat. That’s a trend that’s worse, not better, than how he performed in 2016 against Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton, when he received 8 percent of the African American vote according to exit poll data from CNN.

As Trump continues to suggest he’s gaining support for the Republican Party within the black community, the numbers just don’t hold true to that characterization. Indeed, only 4 percent of African Americans said Trump’s actions in office have created a net good for them, while 76 percent say that his actions have made their lives worse.

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