Trump is Tickled That CNN Didn’t Cut Away From RNC Like Fox News Consistently Did

It’s no secret that people who lean to the right enjoy watching Fox News, while left leaning voters prefer CNN and MSNBC. All three networks, to varying degrees, carried last week’s Democratic National Convention. People who were interested in the Republican National Convention, though, most likely preferred to watch the event on Fox.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Opening night of the RNC featured rapid fire speeches from all types of people. Some were important Republican political figures, others were facing criminal charges for pointing assault weapons at peaceful protesters. While each of the networks panned out to anchors at points, Fox did so during the first speech. Today, Donald Trump praised CNN for sticking with the event longer than Fox.

It’s no secret that Trump loathes CNN, he’ll tell you that himself. Even on Monday morning, he was complaining that neither CNN or MSNBC aired the RNC’s morning roll call.

But on Tuesday, the network was back in Trump’s good graces. He took to Twitter, writing, “Very appreciative that CNN covered the vast majority of the Republican Convention last night. That was really good for CNN, while at the same time being good for our Country. Thank you!”

A number of prominent Conservatives complained about Fox’s coverage of the event last night. Writer Helen Kennedy tweeted, “Fox has cut away from most of the speeches and cut or talked over all of the gauzy videos. Meanwhile, MSNBC and CNN carrying it live. Meanwhile, Tucker just said Fox is the only one that will be carrying the convention and not to trust MSNBC and CNN.”

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