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Trump Is Quick To Defend Russia After Fox News Host Reminds Him Putin Poisons His Own People

Trump Is Quick To Defend Russia After Fox News Host Reminds Him Putin Poisons His Own People

President Donald Trump was a guest on “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning, and as you might expect it was a completely “off the rails” interview.


Trump was on the program by phone to discuss a number of issues pertaining to coronavirus and its spread throughout the nation. But the discussion delved into foreign policy, as well, including the fact that the president was planning to speak with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, later in the day.

When one of the hosts questioned that decision, pointing out that Russia engages in assassinations against its own citizens on the whims of Putin’s orders, Trump struck back, coming to the Kremlin’s defense.

“I’m the one who put on sanctions,” he said, according to a tweet from journalist Gabriel Sherman.

The president isn’t factually wrong: he has put sanctions on Russia in the past. But many foreign policy experts have pointed out that they’ve not been as strong as they could be — and certainly not as effective as what Trump’s predecessor attempted to do with sanctions toward Moscow.

Trump, in commenting further about Russia, continued to defend the country’s actions by saying that they were our allies in World War II. “No one talks about that,” he said. The comments completely ignored the decades after that war that were known as the Cold War, in which the U.S. and the Soviet Union were bitter enemies.

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The president also tried to deflect reporting from the Washington Post, where it was reported that China, among other nations, was waging an anti-American cyber campaign around the globe.

Trump first tried to describe the reporting as wrong. “When you read it in the Washington Post, you don’t believe it…I see stories in the Washington Post that are so fake, so phony,” he said.

When host Brian Kilmeade stood firm, reminding Trump that this was public knowledge, he shifted his message, acting as if it was no big deal and engaged in racist comments toward Beijing.

“They do it, we do it,” Trump said, arguing that he’s made “strong statements” against China in the past, and called coronavirus the “Chinese virus” yet again.

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