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Trump is preparing to sign a new travel ban on Monday

Trump is preparing to sign a new travel ban on Monday

President Donald Trump is preparing a new travel ban that will likely be signed by the 45th Potus on Monday.

It’s not yet known how Trump and his team plan to enforce the new order. We also don’t know what changes will be made in comparison to the current ban which has been shot down by the Federal court system.

The original order restrained immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and aimed to temporarily halt the entry of refugees. Trump’s order also aimed to permanently ban the entrance of refugees from Syria.

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon made his way to Mar-a-Lago “for an EO launch meeting” on Saturday. Also in attendance at that meeting were members from the Department of Justice.

Bannon and Trump hope to change the minds of Department of Homeland Security and other officials as they prepare to sign a second order.

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Trump’s first order caused chaos at airports throughout the United States and drew widespread criticism from US and International lawmakers.

Rumors have circulated for weeks that Trump and his team were working on a different travel ban that may aim to ban some travelers while satisfying more legalities.

If nothing else, the new order could prove a welcomed distraction for Trump’s supports who are still reeling from a barrage of Tweets Trump sent on Friday which accused President Obama of wiretapping his Trump Towers headquarters.

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