Trump is Outgunned: Roger Stone Worried About 2020 Electoral ChancesR

Roger Stone owes Donald Trump. The self-proclaimed Dirty Trickster was staring down a 3+ prison sentence that was set to begin in July. The President, however, stepped in to commute his former adviser’s prison term.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Stone has spent the last month speaking with Conservative news outlets about the future of the Trump administration. During a weekend conversation with the Washington Times, the long-time Republican painted a bleak picture. According to Stone, the Biden campaign has Team Trump both “outgunned and outmanned.”

The Dirty Trickster told the paper that he thinks the President has the goods to rise above his current situation. “Everything depends on this November,” he said. “We are outgunned and outmanned, but I have great confidence in the president’s skills as a communicator and as a campaigner.”

Stone also felt that it’s important for Trump to exert some of the power that his office holds. “I hope that he does not agree to the debate schedule as put forward by the presidential commission on debates, which is not appointed by the president, is not a commission and is not about debates,” the former adviser opined. “I think the president can command how and when and under what format he debates, and he should use that power to control the dialogue on debates and to control what debates are ultimately heard by the American people.’

You can read the entire conversation with Stone here

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