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Trump Is Losing Confidence Of Voters In Key 2020 Battleground States

Trump Is Losing Confidence Of Voters In Key 2020 Battleground States

The electoral map is looking more complicated for President Donald Trump in the run-up to his re-election campaign, according to recent polling data.

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Morning Consult is conducting a daily poll of 5,000 registered voters across the country. Each month, the polling organization releases data on its findings, revealing a snapshot of how the country feels about Trump at any given moment.

A lot can change between now and Election Day 2020. But were the election held today, Trump would be facing some difficult odds.

In eleven battleground states (seven of which Trump won in 2016), the current president faces a net approval rating that’s in the negative. Several of those states have net disapprovals that are in the double-digits.

In Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan — three states that helped propel Trump to victory three years ago — Trump’s net approval ratings were -13, -7, and -12, respectively.

Other tossups that have traditionally gone Republican in recent presidential contests are now up for grabs as well. Trump’s net approval rating in Arizona, for instance, is -6; in Iowa, it’s -12; and in North Carolina, it’s -4.

Two states, Florida and Alaska, have an even approval-disapproval difference. In Texas and Georgia, two states that have been dependably “red” over the years, Trump’s approval margin is just 3 points and 1 point, respectively.

For a few months now, it’s been known that Trump would be facing difficult odds in 2020. “I’d sooner be the Dems than Trump” right now, David Axelrod told Axios earlier this year. The former Obama adviser added that Trump has “no obvious prospect of adding a state to his column in 2020.”

The latest numbers from Morning Consult demonstrate an uphill climb that Trump may face in his pending re-election campaign. The total number of states giving him a negative net approval rating represent 329 Electoral College votes, while the states that give him a net positive approval rating only carry 177 votes.

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