Trump is Leaving Florida for DC, Won’t be Attending his $1k a Head New Years Eve Party at Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump will soon be leaving the White House and will not have the protection his job provides. The president will be facing legal jeopardy in New York City. And in order to pay the legal fees, Trump will keep milking money from his supporters.

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images

One way to raise money is to throw parties. And Trump will be doing that this New Years Eve with a party at his Mar-a-Lago resort. Tickets to the event are going for up to $1,000. But party goers hoping to get a glimpse of Trump will be disappointed as he is headed back to Washington DC.

Trump and his family have made regular appearances at the yearly event. And the president has consistently raised the prices to the event since he’s been in office. In 2017 they were $750 and in 2016, they were $575.

CNN’s Kaitlin Collins reported that Trump will be headed back to Washington, but she wasn’t sure they. She said on air:

“This is really unusual. The president typically spends New Year’s Eve here, because he has that party at Mar-a-Lago every year. A lot of guests come in town, they did this year, and they were told the president was going to be there. But now we have learned the president is actually going to be leaving Florida earlier than he was slated to do so. But now he will be leaving here tomorrow morning to go back to Washington, and aides aren’t sure what the president is going back for.”

The White House later released a schedule that included many calls and many meetings.

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