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Trump is Getting Crushed in Polls: He Says it’s “Very Unfair”

Trump is Getting Crushed in Polls: He Says it’s “Very Unfair”

In the lead-up to the 2016 election, nearly every national poll showed Hillary Clinton in the lead. While the polls fairly accurately predicted that Clinton would win the popular vote, Trump prevailed in the electoral college. For this reason, Conservatives reflexively use this defense whenever a bad poll comes out for the President.

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And the recent polls for Trump couldn’t be much worse. On Monday morning, CNN released a poll showing the President trailing Joe Biden by 14%. Trump bemoaned the recent surveys on Sunday night, complaining that they are “very unfair.”

Not only did the CNN poll show the President trailing Biden by a margin of 55-41%. Trump’s approval rating is also cratering. The study showed that currently only 38% of people are in approval of the President with 57% disapproving.

Trump tweeted on Sunday night, “If I wasn’t constantly harassed for three years by fake and illegal investigations, Russia, Russia, Russia, and the Impeachment Hoax, I’d be up by 25 points on Sleepy Joe and the Do Nothing Democrats. Very unfair, but it is what it is!!!”


The President also responded to today’s terrible CNN poll by claiming that it was fake. He posted, “CNN Polls are as Fake as their Reporting. Same numbers, and worse, against Crooked Hillary. The Dems would destroy America!”


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Trump also talked about polling during a discussion with Brian Kilmeade last week. He told the Fox host, “Take a look at who they’re polling. If they poll anybody — because I don’t even think they go out and poll. I think they sit at a desk and say, ‘Give this number, give that number.’ That’s what happened last time. The polling was ridiculous other than two or three polls, which I do use, which I’m doing very, very well with.”



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