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Trump is Demolishing DeSantis and Pence in Latest 2024 Nomination Poll

Trump is Demolishing DeSantis and Pence in Latest 2024 Nomination Poll

In the middle part of January 2021, Donald Trump was replaced in the White House with Joe Biden. Trump’s supporters had just engaged in an insurrection and been banned from multiple social media sites.

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And there were plenty of Republicans who didn’t think Trump was the best way for the party to go forward. In fact, 7 senators voted to convict him of impeachment. If 3 more had crossed the aisle, he would have been barred from ever running for office again.

Trump was ripe to be taken out. But right now, it looks like he is stronger than ever. According to a new poll from the Morning Consult, Trump is easily defeating both Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence.

Mediate reveals:

“The poll shows him as far more popular among the GOP than many of the conservatives he would likely compete against in the primary. Former Vice President Mike Pence is polling at 26 percent among Republicans who don’t want Trump to run again, but among all Republicans in total, his primary vote percentage drops to 13. Similarly, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is polling at 20 percent with GOPers who don’t want another Trump run, but his overall GOP polling is 12 percent.”

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DeSantis is often seen as the main challenger to Trump. He has had a tough time over the last few months, though, with COVID surging in Florida. Pence was never seen as much of a contender for the spot, but he is popular with Evangelical voters.


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