Trump-Inspired Men Allegedly Plotted To Firebomb California Democratic HQ

Two men who apparently bought into Donald Trump’s big lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him, which it was not, are under arrest and charged for allegedly plotting to firebomb the Democratic Party’s headquarters in Sacramento.

An indictment unsealed Thursday alleges that Ian Benjamin Rogers and Jarrod Copeland were “prompted by the outcome of the 2020 presidential election” and were convinced that their attack, if successful, would spark some sort of “movement.” Federal prosecutors said the two men are members of the far-right wing Three Percenters militia group.

During a January search of Rogers’s home and business, according to the indictment, officers seized five pipe bombs, thousands of rounds of ammunition and “between 45 and 50 firearms, including at least three fully automatic weapons.” Law enforcement agents found a Three Percenters sticker on Rogers’s vehicle and what they described as a satirical “white privilege card” containing references to Trump.

Rogers and Copeland had discussed possibly launching an attack on the offices of Facebook and Twitter, both of which have banned the twice-impeached former president, thereby severely hampering his ability to simultaneously reach masses of people. Ultimately the two men decided to target the California Democratic party.

“I want to blow up a democrat building bad,” Rogers told Copeland in a text message on Jan. 11. Later Rogers wrote, “I’m thinking the sac office first target.” Copeland was all in, responding, “Plan attack.” Rogers ended the exchange by writing, “Let’s see what happens after the 20th we go to war,” an apparent reference to President Joe Biden’s inauguration date.

Rogers and Copeland face charges including conspiracy to destroy by fire or explosive a building used in interstate commerce; possession of unregistered destructive devices; and obstruction of justice.

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