Trump Insider Warns President Will Call On MAGA For Armed Insurrection If He Loses Election

As the election nears, rumors abound regarding Trump’s expectations of the outcome. Stories drift out of the White House, depicting Donald Trump in angry outbursts at his staff, and he has tweeted to claim that the outcome of the 2020 election might be ‘rigged’ by Democrats, and to suggest that mailed ballots should not count. Now an insider who worked with the president for years on his reality show says that if Biden wins the election, he believes Trump will call on his core group of supporters to arm themselves and fight to keep Trump in office.

maga armed insurrrection
[Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images]

According to Political Tribune, Noel Casler worked for 6 seasons on Celebrity Apprentice, and had ample opportunity to view Trump’s personality in action. Casler has openly shared his experiences, telling the public stories about Trump using racial slurs, and about a wide range of Trumper tantrums.

Now he’s warning that if Trump loses, he’s not going to accept it. Instead, Casler predicts, the president will call for armed insurrection against the president-elect.

It’s true that Trump has already tried to discredit the results of the upcoming election, warning that Californians are mailing in ballots and setting up voting access. “These votes must not count!” says the U.S. president, of votes coming from citizens in one of the fifty states he was elected to represent.

He has claimed that Democrats are trying to “steal the election,” and even that efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic are attacks on his re-election. The Washington Post reported last month that White House insiders describe Trump having rage fits, even yelling, “I am not losing to f***ing Joe Biden!”

If Trump loses in November, it’s certainly possible some of his supporters will not be prepared to accept it. Whether they would respond to a loss violently, and what the president might expect of them, is a matter of speculation at this point. What is clear is that Trump is already making very public declarations about not accepting the election results, and already showing signs of being upset at even the possibility.

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